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The company C.B.F.

I created C.B.F. (Claude Behr Favorites), self-company, in 2010, as well I regularly was asked to sell my artificial flies. Today, over 450 customers trust me.

Claude Behr

Fly fisherman and fly tyer since 1982, I enjoy now a flattering reputation in the field of fly fishing. I had associative functions for 20 years (Fishing Association of Moslheim, Basin Committee Bruche, Fishing Federation of Bas-Rhin) . Recognized fly tyer (EWF Munich,  fair of Epinal , schools, etc ..) I give  fishermen benefit from my  meticulous work with my collection of flies. I do also accompain fishermen who wish to test with me in real conditions the efficiency of my models on the salmonids in Europe.


10/09/12: I just wanted to thank you again for the time you spent with us on Saturday. I really enjoyed it and learned alot! I realise now that fishing the rivers is much more technical and alot more complicated than fishing still waters. I will be trying to spend more time on rivers, practicing what I learned from you as well as my casting - especially the backhand! - I will keep you updated with my progress. Thank you for the photos you sent, I will keep them as a trophy of the day along with the memory of my first Grayling. (Great Britain - London - Richard)

26/09/10 : ... End of September I visit the Elsas with my family. Not only is Offers the Elsas many beautiful villages and old buildings but also nice places to flyfish. For my son (12 years) it was the first time to fly-fish on a stream. Because we didn't have much time to spend in the area we went two days with Claude on the Bruche together. He new many places to fish, and also his fly's fooled a lot of fish. Not only found my son and I the days very pleasant, the fish-experience of Claude and his tips also improved our skills. Beside flyfishing he took care of everything, from the licenses on the Bruche till the wine together with a picknick . Although the part of the first category was closed for the season, it gives us more reasons to come back soon and flyfish with Claude again... (Netherland - Leiden - Reinoud.)

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Our store !

Our store !

Do not hesitate to come to my shop, at the house of Claude Behr, 8, rue de Touraine in Molsheim (France)