Micro Casque Argent-3


This MCA-3  is a "brassie", an American model of nymph with copper body. it has a natural copper color, with a brass head of 2.4 mm in diameter.

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This nymph from my MCA series, is a "brassie", an American model of nymph with copper body, created by Ken Chandler and Dug Davenport, in the 1960s.

This MCA-3 is mounted in amber copper (natural copper color), with a brass helmet, nickel color, 2.4 mm in diameter. the chest is in herl peacock, a safe value in terms of attractiveness of nymphs for salmonids.

I have tested some "brassies" since 2013 with some success, both in Slovenia on trouts, on the Bruche, the Traun or Murg  in Germany,  than in Italy, where it still allowed me in September 2019 to deceive, in sight, a marmorata trout on the Passer. I decided to include it in my fly collection in 2020.

Its 2.4 mm helmet allows it to go as close as possible to the trouts and graylings that activate between two waters, in search of the very small larvae of mayflies, caddis or stoneflies. An often effective model for sight fishing for active fish  refusing dry or emergent flies.

It should be noted that the larger ones (hook 14) can serve as imitation of chironomid larvae in the reservoirs, where they are generally successfull.


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