Cameo Evo


A very good nylon monofilament,  powerful, flexible and elastic, with excellent resistance on knots, which I recommend for your tippet.

resistance of available diameters

-12 hundredths : 1,3 kg.

-14 hundredths : 1,7 kg.

-16 hundredths : 2,3 kg.

-18 hundredths : 2,8 kg

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I'm fishing quite a few years with this powerful nylon, laboratory tested, with elasticity and flexibility, allowing impeccable gently puting of the fly on the water, while keeping an optimal resistance to abrasion and knots. These features enable it to reduce dredging, one of the difficulties of a good drift.

Opaque, not leading light and a density of 1.14 (it flows it is not greased), it gives no shadow on the surface, like other do.

NB: Monofilament has more stretch than fluorocarbon. One other item is that monofilament is considerably less expensive that fluorocarbon.

This 14 hundredths (02X) is my basic tippet for dry and nymph fishing.

Cameo Evo,  manufactured by ASSO and distributed in France by Eurofly, is said memoryless.

In this online shop, Cameo Evo  is available in rolls of 50 meters, with a good price.

Shades: water green to dark brown, except for the 12" who is in reddish tones.

Diameter available:  12  to 18 hundredths.


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Buaillon F. on 08/29/2021


Buaillon F. on 08/29/2021


jean michel D. on 05/04/2021

T B sur les conseils avisés de Claude ,je ne me sers plus que de ce type de fil pour mes bas de ligne

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