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I offer fishermen a flyfishing leader, of house production, with long life, easy to deploy and allowing precise presentation  of the fly. Here the floating model for dryfly or nymph.

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I can only recommend this CB.F. tippet, which knows a great success by my customer, since its commercialization in 2010.

Allowing any angler, even beginners, to deploy it easily and put his dry fly or nymph with delicacy and precision, it greatly contributes to an efficient fishing action. And in times of hardship, even (and especially) in bad weather, the repair is simple and fast.

Starting from a braided Airflo base, this floating leader is extended by two progressive pieces of Maxima 30" and 20", and  the tip is ending  by a 14" Cameo nylon.

This standard CBF floating leader is configured for general use, rivers and medium sized flies, with a length ranging from 4.20 to 4.50 m.

It is very easy to shorten (very small stream, strong wind, etc ..) or lengthen (big river, downstream fishing on graylings with small flies, very low and very clear water, etc.)

NB: It is perfect for fishing "the water" with a CBF.


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jean michel D. on 05/04/2021

TB essai réussi pour un 1er test

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