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The website from Claude Behr about flyfishing in Alsace

flyfishing in Alsace (France) with claude Behr
Claude Behr, the author of this site about flyfishing in Alsace

I’m residing in Alsace (France). My name is claude Behr, and I have a passion for fly-fishing . This art gives as many emotions as feelings. It develops humility and respect. Wild waters and their rustic settings allow his practitioner to feel in harmony with nature.

Fly fisherman since 1982, I invested in fisheries management in 1987. In 1998, I created my first website to promote fly fishing in Alsace. In 2010 I finalized a version witch became a great succes by flyfishermen all aroud the Word. Since November 2015, it is complemented, as part of my company Claude Behr Favorites (C.B.F.), by an online shop.

After 20 years of existence without discontinuity, you find in 2019, this new version of my website dedicated to different aspects of fly fishing in Alsace. The “regulars” will not be too distracted by the content, because they will find most of the old sections, in a more modern site (wordpress), more secure (https), more user-friendly (guestbook and comments) and adapted to both PCs. to tablets or mobile phones (responsive).
It does not matter whether you are former visitors or newcomers, here you will discover many aspects of our common passion, fly fishing in Alsace.

ln freshwater fishes can be caught with the fly, and this everywhere, but here, you will discover some special aspects of fly-fishing in Alsace.

You will more particularly find useful informations about:

flyfishing is my passion. I like to share it with all flyfisher
Claude Behr
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8 Replies to “The website from Claude Behr about flyfishing in Alsace”

  1. Hello Claude. I am an experienced Australian fly-fisherman travelling in Europe. I am wondering if there are any opportunities to fish for trout or grayling on the nymph in Alsace on 14 or 15 October next, with a guide. If you can provide any information please I would be grateful. Frank Neasey

    • Hello Francis;
      thanks for your confidence. I self will not be in Alsace mid october. So I recomand you to take contact with Jean-François Hundsbuckler, Matthieu Romain or Eric Vincent, some guides you can contact in Alsace for flyfishing.
      They all have web sites:
      - for Jean-françois,
      - for Matthieu,
      - for Eric.
      I wish you a nice stay in Alsace and .. tight lines 😉

  2. Hello. I’m Al. I’m an American living in Stuttgart, Germany. I apologize for not being able to speak French. I’m a devoted flyfisherman like you. I have flyfished from New York City to the Philippines to Djibouti. I’m planning to fish the Alsace tomorrow or Sunday… and I don’t know anyone or anything in the area. Care to help out a fellow flyfisherman, monsieur?

      • Merci, Claude! I am now just leaving Stuttgart. I want to do early evening fishing. Are there parking places near the Stork reservoir or the Bruche? Do I need wellies or waders? I’m wearing shorts and my fishing sandals. Haha

        • Hello Al. It was ice to meet you in Seltz and speak with you about our life and flyfishing. I’m glad also that you could catch a nice rainbow in the evening , when you came. I wish you other nice fishing sessions in Alsace. Best regards, and.. tight lines 🙂

    • Hi Al, I’m based in Karlsruhe and have been fishing with Claude on his local rivers in and around Alsace. He’s such a great guy to fish with. If you are coming to Seltz again give me a ring. (If you don’t mind a relative beginner being around)

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