The collection of C.B.F. flies


The company C.B.F. (Claude Behr Favorites), which was in its tenth year of existence in 2019, offers a collection of 62 models of artificial flies, some in several versions, to deal with all fly fishing situations in Alsace , in France and more generally in all fresh waters in Europe and America.

Developed andtyed by myself in Alsace, they benefit from solid hooks, with crushed barb, and materials selected for their qualities and attractiveness.

The effectiveness of these flies has been proven throughout my 38 years of practice. They will allow you to approach each river, each course of water, whatever the season and the weather conditions, with all chances to deceive the salmonids white fish or predators that you track down.

This web page presents the complete catalog of 28 models of dry and emerging flies, 23 nymphs and wetflies models and 9 streamer models.

For all fly orders, you can find them in my online shop where you can also download the various pdf sheets available under the products concerned (fly selections, equipment, fishing trips, accompaniment )

Here the complet collection of C.B.F. flies


to the fly from the C.B.F. collection of the month

You can always contact me to get any information you need. I wish you you a flyfishing experience with beautiful emotions, and I will try to help you in this way as possible.

A nice grayling, caught in november 2019 with a MCA-4

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