My best flies for Europe


The flies for Slovenia and other european countries. Here you find the flies that have been by the best during my fishing trips in Europe since 1983. Advised and used by my customers since 2009, they are very regularly in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, as in Norway (Glomma). You will find them in a selection of flies from the collection C.B.F. entitled Europe.

A handful of CBF

For many years, the CBF has been giving a lot of rising fishes and catches from spring to the end of autumn, even making move fish that do not eating and even taking off the big graylings, which obviously do not always take it. In case of infidelity, we always return to this fly, because the biggest rising fish rarely let it pass without honoring it with a climb…

Petit Diablotin Rouge PDR

The PDR is an excellent imitation of caddisfly (trichopterae) and it is often very effective when the river is overflew by swarms of small dark caddis. Moreover, it is well visible in the currents, even from far.

Spent Hepta Perdrix

The SHP has been tested and improved over several years. Initially with the assembly of wire on the body and a grey CDC wing, it became more visible with a clear CDC wing, and more addictive with a red dubbing body. Floating low like natural insects, it regularly allows me to deceive the most beautiful fish that take the imagos of the great héptagéneidae coming to lay and die, becoming spents, in the late evening

Tip Vert Casquée, one of my prefered nymph

Even if I fishless by nymph, from time to time I try a trophy fish in the depth at sight, or when no fish is active on the surface I sometimes fish the water with a nymph. In these cases, my first choice is this nymph/ wetfly, the TVC, which is my favorite model. Itregularly interests the beautiful fish and has earned me, on a particularly difficult day, my only (big) catch on the Idrijka.

Rénégate Tête Rouge = Renegate with red head

The RTR is one of the models that earned me the greatest number of catches in the fall of 2009, when the graylings were not inclined to rise to the surface. Perfectly imitating two coupled gnats, it is a fly that floats well and remains visible to the fisherman despite its small size. His red butt and his head of the same color really seem a plus compared to the classic rénégates. Since 2015, it has been very regular on many European rivers or the hatch of small black gnats make the fishing often very complicated for flyfishermen.

PHB-1, the very well known  Peute from henri Bresson

The PHB-1 is the most consistent model for the graylings in the late season since 2010, while the PHB-3 model is most effective on trout in late spring and summer. It is sometimes particularly effective at evening hatch.

KMM-2, Klinkhammer

This KMM-2 allowed me in June 2011 to catch a rainbow trout of 65 cm, getting it out from under the hedge where it was hiding. And two days later its attractiveness did not contradict itself when a large trout turned around to fetch it 3 meters behind it, the steel it to one of its congeners to whom I had just presented it. It is so regular that it appears in good place in my selection of essential flies.

Terrstrial Orange Tag

TOT is an imitation of terrestrial insect, floating low but not easily flowing, remaining very visible despite its small size. In recent years she has surpassed the CBF several times by fishing for water. Particularly effective in the absence of aquatic insects, from April to October. Sometimes also surprisingly effective at summer evening shots. This one is also in good stead in my selection of essential flies.

Other models are regularly successfull during the C.B.F. stays, including EBF-1 and EBF-2, for the large mayflies emerging in spring, CTC-1, on Hook 18 and 20 when fish are sitting on micro midges, and of course the NTO, nymph/wetfly Indispensable when the conditions are particularly unfavourable for fly fishing.

In anticipation of a trip to Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, or even Germany, Austria, Norway, as many flyfishermen who trust me, you can rely on the selection for Europe of 52 flies from the collection C.B.F. that I propose for these destinations.

the author, Claude Behr, with a trophy rainbow trout from the sava in Slovenia, caught on a emerger EBF-1
A beautiful trout that did not resist a EBF-1 presented along the opposite shore

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