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the reel Devaux OROK, new in 2020

Test of the reel Devaux OROK

In 2020 Devaux is launching a reel handcrafted in France, multiplied and anti-reverse!

At the end of August 2020, I went to test the new OROK reel, model V2 (orange tint on the front / gray on the back), from Devaux, before offering it to C.B.F. customers. To do this I went fishing the Murg (Germany) where the low and clear water encouraged me to fish fine. This allowed me to test the reel for its advertised qualities: progressiveness of the brake, functional anti-reverse and smoothness.

I have to say that I was not disappointed. I had a great time fighting several beautiful brown trout, on a Tiger super tipet 10 ° / °° tip. In particular, I caught in a strong current, a 40cm brownie, with a dry fly SEP-2, which tumbled about twenty meters before I could pick it in my landing net. two other well-sized trout, caught with a nymph TVC-2, also gave me great emotions. The fights allowed me to appreciate the smoothness, the anti-reverse and the precision of this OROK reel. (see photo above). Frequent trips in the river have allowed me to appreciate the speed of winding when it comes to rewinding.

This life-size test allowed me to appreciate this exceptional reel. It’s a must have for fine fishing, which also looks great. Other colors are available: V1 = gray front / back, V3 = orange front / back, V4 = gray front / orange back

a nice brown trout, caught on a nymph TVC-2
a nice reel, very amazing to use

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