My last fishing session on the Bruche

the bruche in Heiligenberg on 10 july 2021

On July 10, 2021, I visited the Bruche for 2 hours, the arrival of a (new) storm forcing me to shorten my session. The river was still very strong and slightly tinted by the thunderstorms of the days previous. I fished the Heiligenberg friendly course, in 1st category.

Not the slightest activity on the surface, the observation of a few rare small epéhemerella ignita and brown caddis was not enough to move the fish, which were stalled and obviously waiting for the rain, which was due to arrive around 6 p.m. While fishing with nymph with, I still managed to touch 6 fish. I picked up 2, including a beautiful specimen that I couldn’t identify. I caught 2 beautiful rainbow (35 and 33 cm) in great shape in view of the fights they rewarded me, and a small, 20 cm, marked fish, launched at the end of winter , with a height of about ten centimeters and which now measured a good 20 centimeters. A brown trout of the same size also took the same nymph, a TVC-2, as the first beautiful rainbow had bite on an NTO.

I came home savoring these 2 hours spent in Nature, an exuberant green for the month of July, the river being well in water as very rarely in this summer month. Fish in any case appreciates all this water.

a nice rainbow trout, caught on a tvc-2
a little brown trout, also caught on nymph with a TVC-2
this little rainbow grow up from 10 cm in 5 month
the sun is stil shining, but a a storm is already coming
selection of the season

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