Portrait of Marcel RONCARI


Alsatian Fly Fisherman

Marcel Roncari with a nice brown trout of the Traun in Germany

Marcel RONCARI, born in 1955, remains in Waltenheim (68), where he has been responsible for the fly club of 3 borders for more than 20 years. A regular collaborator of fishing magazines, certainly the best known of the Alsatian flyfisher, Marcel is an outstanding fisherman, a reel “fishing beast”, and those who have had the opportunity to fish in his company are all said to be impressed by his ability to Spotting and biting the most difficult fish. Professional fishing Guide For several years, since 2013 also on behalf of Agence DHD Laika, Marcel is also one of the best salmon Specialists in Alaska (30 years of presence on the spot). He is a passionate fly fisherman who travels, accompanies, and tests himself throughout the world the fishing sites and destinations He guides: Bahamas, Mexico, Patagonia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria. Having invented and developed a personal technique of Nymph “au fil” (over thread), which he willingly teaches, he also proposes outings “Nymph au fil”, on the Doubs in Goumois, from the opening of the 1st category. His philosophy is based on the quality of fishing, friendship between fishermen and respect for rivers and fish.

A beautiful  grayling caught  by Marcel Roncari in Austria, on the Salza
Marcel Roncari with a beautiful grayling of the Salza (Austria)

Marcel is also an excellent fly fitter (cf. infra), and many of his models are formidable, such as the “3615 TF” for the tank or its pheasant-tail armourhead for the river (cf. photos)

His way of practicing fly fishing

Nymphs of Marcel Roncari: classic Nymphs for the nymph over thread
  • Flyfishing beginning: 1974
  • Flyfishing Techniques: Nymph, dry
  • Favorite Flyfishing Techniques: Nymph over thread
  • Rods preferred for this technique: since 2012, “Guide Pass” at Sage, he always uses the latest Sage novelties , with a predilection for the sage X.
  • Favorite reels for this technique: Sage Spectrum Max and Evok
  • Preferred lines for this technique: floating, Orange and from March 2019, its specific lines in collaboration with Traun River Products, the brand of Rudi Heger..
  • Preferred ORL for this technique: Monofilament in 12 °/° ° of 6.00 m long.
  • Its prefered flies: CDC and spents as dry, Pheasant-tail and gold heads more or less heavy as nymphs (see picture below)
  • Preferred Rivers: Doubs in Goumois (25), Old Rhine (68), Traun in Bavaria (Germany), Salza in Austria, rivers of Alaska (U.S.A.)
  • Preferred reservoirs: the stork reservoir in Seltz (67), La Landie (63), Ostwormersee (NL)
  • Favourite fish: the grayling and the bonefish.
  • Best memories of fly fishing: The catch of a grayling of 61 cm, with dry fly, on the old Rhine. The catch of a 126 lbs Nile perch on a 20 lbs tippet line (at 4 lbs of the IGFA world record)

If you wish to benefit from his services or simply ask him for advice on a fishing trip, you can contact him by e-mail: Marcel.Roncari@wanadooo.fr, or by phone: (portable), (landline) You can also Visit his website.

Marcel Roncari with a bonefish
Marcel Roncari with a bonefish

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