My last fishing session

Italian hybrid  between a brown trout and a marmorata trout .

the 30 august 2019 on the Passeria (Italy)

As part of a C.B.F. trip, I accompanied Gilbert, Jean-Marc and Jérôme to northern Italy, in South Tyrol. Given the heat of the end of August some rivers were not fishable. We thus fished mainly Valsura and Passeria.

Fishing was not easy, but we caught beautiful fish every day, each with his favorite technique, thewet fly for Gilbert, the nymph over and wet fly for Jean-Marc, the dry fly for Jerome and myself.

On August 30th, the last fishing day of our stay, the weather was good, with a little wind from the north and no visible activity on the surface. But the water was beautiful, and I fished dry most of the time. I managed to raise several beautiful trout by fishing the water, using a single fly throughout the day, the SEP-3. (see photo below) I took nevertheless my most beautiful rainbow trout of the day in nymph at sight, on a TVC-2. A big fish that I had spotted in a rocky return, a place seeming at first sight inaccessible but that I nevertheless resolved to try. It earned me big drops of sweat to get down a a spicy hedge and a big slippery rock, then to present my little nymph, and then fight the fish with no possibility to move, the most difficult finally found to go up the slope terribly steep. A catch that will remain in my memory of fisherman!

On the occasion of advice on the technique of the nymph over the wire provided to Jerome, I also had the pleasure of catch a brown trout and a beautiful hybrid brown trout  / marmorata, (see photo above) and this on an NTO, with which Jerome captured in turn several fish including a beautiful rainbow of almost 50 cm (see photo below). It is with this same fly, usedas wetfly,  that Gilbert and Jean-Marc also caught some trout, Gilbert thus catching the only “true” marmorata of the stay, a specimen unfortunately of small size.

This beautiful day of fishing, with a friendliness and a good mood at all times, will leave me an excellent memory, waiting to return to Italy with another group in September.

The Passeria , upstream from Merano (Italy)
this nice brownie could’nt resist on a good presented SEP-3
Jérôme ecatchning a nice rainbow on a nymph NTO
The Subimago Ephémère Parachute n° 3 (SEP-3)was successfull these 5 days
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