My last fishing session

19 mai 2020 : the Bruche on the evening hatch

On May 19, 2020, after two long months without fishing because of confinement, and after having made a short sequence on the Rhine floodway canal on May 12 while the bruche was soiled by the rains of May 11, here I am back on the Bruche in Heiligenberg. Arrived at the end of the afternoon, on a sunny and warm day, I savor the rediscovered river, the rustling trees, the cheerful chirping of birds and above all the sweet murmur of my river of heart. The river level is low because this spring is dry, but the water is beautiful, the pebbles at the bottom were “cleaned” by the May 11 and 12 blast.

By fishing the water until around 8 p.m., I only touched two small brown trouts on SEP-2. A shy surface activity started with the decrease in brightness and I was able to fish rising fish until around 9:15 p.m. where the half-light invaded the river. Meanwhile heptageneidae had come in large numbers on the current where I was, their pendulum flights and their spawning exciting fish to the highest point. After taking a grayling of 32 cm, a little thin, with an EBF-1 (my fly of the month of May) as well as some spirlins, I chained the catches of small brown trout (between 18 and 22 cm) with only 2 larger specimens, 24 and 26 cm. I picked up a prettier fish which had forced me to change flies several times and to pass it in a narrow flow of 10 cm wide, between calm and strong current. The fly with the highest number of catches was SHP-1, although SEP-2 and PHB-2 also earned me several bites.

A little disappointed with the average size of the brown trout, these wild fish, nervous and in perfect condition, will have given me a lot of pleasure and beautiful emotions making this fishing session intense and exciting.

Al ot of heptageneidae come on the Bruche
A nice grayling, caught with a EBF-1
this brown trout took a SHP-1 on the evening hatch
L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est ouverture.jpg.
the EBF-1 is in my selection for the trout fishing opening

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