My last fishing session

the Murg, a little dirty cause a repairing on a dam upstream

On July 08, 2020, I was glad to be on the Murg in Germany. The day was sunny, with a few clouds in the afternoon, developing in the evening, without bringing rain. A strong wind, fortunately from the west, prevented the hatching of insects. A few brown caddisflies were flying from here and there, and many of them came to lay their eggs on the surface of the water at nightfall. It was only around 9 p.m. that the fish came in large numbers on the surface. The river level was low, the water clear, except for a two-hour mid-day period when it was a little brownish due to the repair of a dam upstream.

In the absence of rising fish, I fished the water with dry flies, and passed on occasion with a nymph on promising stations where no fish had wanted my dry fly. This versatility succeeds me rather well and I managed to deceive many brown troust and some graylings, most with dry fly, on TOT, KMM-2 and 2 times, after characterized refuse, on OPK. I caught also some fish with a nymph, on MCA-4 and TVC-2, the latter also allowing me to bring a very nice 42 cm grayling on my landing net. (see photo below) I managed to deceive 4 additional trouts at late evening, on a large calm where the fish sometimes violently came on my imitations of emerging caddisflies, KMM-2 and SRC.

A tasty anecdote will leave me with an unforgettable memory of this beautiful day of fishing. While I was having my little picnic, sitting in the shade of the big trees on a stump at the edge of the water, enjoying a “brötchen” with Black Forest ham, I saw a medium-sized trout stationed under a dead branch three meters from my feet. I came to admire it more closely, glued to the tree that overlooked the shore. In doing so, a larger trout, hidden under the tall grass of the shore, came rise at 50 cm from the brownie that I observed. This fish seemed to me to be of an admirable color, yellow-orange in the water. A magnificent fish. I decided to try it from the opposite bank when I finished lunch. This is what I did: after crossing the river some 30 meters below, I came to stand in front of the post where I could clearly see the tuft of tall grass under which the beauty was posted. A lucky roll cast and on the first pass the trout, on top of the grass touching the water, was taken my Klinkhammer. Striking, hard fight of a golden spindle, and here is the trout in the landing net, giving me an incredible inner joy. Her release after the picture had a very special flavor. You can admire it on the picture below 😉

A beautifully colored brown trout that I will not forget.
this 40 cm brown trout stays near my wading shoe, the time I take this picture
This nice grayling could’nt resist on my TVC-2 in a strong current.
The KMM-2 sets on good place in my slection for the Summer .

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