Rules for the storckreservoir

flyfishing in the stork reservoir
  • Fishing at the stork reservoir in Seltz (Bas-Rhin-Alsace-France) is reserved for artificial fly fishing. Fishing with a “buldo” is prohibited.
  • he wading is prohibited to ensure safety of users
  • Initiate with any food is forbidden.
  • All fly fishing techniques are allowed, with a maximum of one rod fishing: dry fly, nymph, streamer, wet flies (with a train of flies up to 3), with requirement to use barbless hooks, or having the barb crushed .
  • The landing net is recommended.
  • The minimal size of salmonids is 30 cm. Non retained fish must be relaxed carefully, and after reoxygenation
  • Warning: Trouts + 2 kg are to be put back into the water, as much as possible, to allow the greatest number of fishermen to catch one.
  • Fishing will be allowed every day from 2021, September the 04 from 8 hour am until the official time in the evening (1 hour after sunset), until 30 June 2022.

Two categories of daily fishing licenses will be issued:

  1. A card of € 25 , allowing the conservation of 1 trout
  2. A card of € 12 , for those under 18 years, only with “no kill” practising.

Caution: It is imperative that a minor is being accompanied by an adult.

Fishing card completed by the holder with the fish size you eventualy keep, should be deposited in the mailbox forthis purpose (on the wall of the club house, next to the parking).

  • Fishing for carp and pike will also be allowed to fly fishermen. Nevertheless, if it is advisable to keep the pike, carp must imperatively be returned to the water!
  • Specific prohibitions can be displayed. Please refer to the bulletin board on the wall of the club house, which is installed near the automatic day tickets distributor.

Violators of this rules will be excluded from the site, and can no longer claim a fishing license for the year.

a happy flyfisherman with a really big trout from the stork reservoir in Seltz

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2 Replies to “Rules for the storckreservoir”

  1. Claude! Bon jour, my friend.

    I am planning to go fishing tomorrow, Tuesday 16 June, at the Stork Reservoir. I already sent the email and SMS to the contact info listed here.

    Is there anything else I need to do? I miss fishing in that beautiful place! Merci!

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