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the old Rhine near Fessenheim in Alsace

With the downstream of Basle(Switzerland), until Rhinau, in extreme southern of the department of Bas- Rhin (Alsace/France), a part of the river’s water circulates in the channel of Alsace; but there remains a wild part, wedged between this channel, at the french side, and the german motorway, which average width of 50 meters, the power of the current, the richness of watery fauna, make forget this tribute paid to the modernity.

The graylings were the florets of the Rhine: they are splendid, of complexion nervousness and size: exceeding 33 cm regularly, the fish between 40 and 50 cm were not so rare before 2003. Cause of this rarefaction, fishing for graylings is verbidden til 2023. But one takes also sometimes large powerful brown trouts and the whitefish colonize the calms, with their usual predators, which are the pikes. The atlantic salmons are also coming back.

When you find yourselves in autumn on the gravel pits of the Rhine, you are taken in a true enchantement: attentive of the banks, the blossomings or the fish, you don’t notice the noise of the cars wich circulate on the nearby motorway.

IMPORTANT: Classified in 2nd category of the public domain, fishing is accessible to any fisherman having discharged his piscicultural taxes (french yearly fishing license)

Fishing is not easy there: power of the current, rollers slipping, blossomings sometimes too sparse, other times superabondant, difficult fish, inaccessible stations, etc.. All these conditions discourage sometimes the amateur, but don’t put off the enthusiast.

I hope to be pleased of meeting you a day there, to exchange , like all the flyfishers of the world, our anecdotes which ponctuated our course in this splendid passion of flyfishing

An german flyfisher accompained on the old Rhine by Claude Behr
a nice pike, ccaught in december with a streamer GBB

News of the month : october 2021

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The old Rhine is beautiful in autumn. Even if the chubs will be the preferred prey of fly fisherman this season, it happens that a grayling or a trout comes to grab your fly. Reminder: Moratorium on grayling fishing => no kill imperative!

tête de gros chevesne
a nice chub, not so easy to catch with the fly 😉

Old Rhine: To read the report of my last fishing session on the floodway canal, click here or on the picture above.

Floodway canal: To read the report of my last fishing session on the floodway canal, click here or on the picture below.

C.B.F. last news: The selection for the season and my selection of essentials flies are available.

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