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the stork reservoir under the sun

Located at 50 km in the north of Strasbourg, in Seltz the stork reservoir is reserved for flyfishing. (see the very detailed map) Its pure water (it is the ground water of Alsace, the biggest of west Europe), the quality of his fishes, the convenient laying out, combine to bring this place on the top of the flyfishing areas in Alsace. The fishery, of 2.5 ha, is made up of 2 ponds. They go down to a depth of 10 meters. All flyfishing techniques are allowed (dry flies, nymphs, streamer, wet flies), with a maximum of 3 flies. Barbless hooks only.

The fish you will find in Seltz are mainly trouts: really big rainbow, brown and aguabonitas (the yellows), some chars, an other species like carps, tenchs, roachs, perchs, pikes (big ones). A nice pikeperch has been caught in 1999.

to the map of the reservoir in Seltz 67)

to the rules for the saison

About the daily fishing licences

  • It exist a daily licence for 25 euros , that allows you to keep one trout of more than 30 cm
  • It exist also a daily licence for 12 euros ,that allows a yougman (under 18), to fish with no kill rules. The yougman must be accompained by an adult.

The cards are available for the day in front of the club house, on the distributor (payment only with cash: 20, 10 , 5 euros and pieces of 1 or 2 euros)

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News for october 2021

Last News: The new season (2021-2022) started on September 4, 2021. Many flyfishermen came to the stork reservoir where the powerful rainbow trout will gave great emotions.

a beautiful rainbow trout always gives nice fealings

Fish immersions: 2021, september the 02, 500 kg rainbow trouts with an average weight of 1 kg came in the reservoir .

Warning: I would like to remind everyone that trout + 2 kg are to be put back into the water, as much as possible, to allow the greatest number of fishermen to have “big emotions”.

NB: It is also reminded to all fishermen that fishing is allowed 1/2 hour before sunrise and ends 1/2 hour after sunset.

C.B.F. last news: The selection for the season and my selection of essentials flies are available

To see the report of my last fishing session in Seltz, click here or on the photo below.

A heavy rainbow trout aguabonita from the stork reservoir

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15 Replies to “The stork reservoir”

  1. Bonjour Claude,
    Savez-vous si l’association a prévu une immersion de truites prochainement ?
    Parce que les quelques survivantes de novembre commencent sérieusement à être vaccinées !
    Merci d’avance pour votre réponse
    À très bientôt au bord de l’eau

      • Bonjour
        Merci pour votre réponse !
        Espérons que cette immersion aura lieu avant la fin de mes vacances, sinon il va falloir que je les prolonge 😁
        Bonne journée

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