Portrait of Pierre KUNTZ


Alsatian Fly Fisherman

Pierre Kuntz in competition on the Dore River
Pierre Kuntz at a national competition on the Dore

Pierre KUNTZ, born in 1994, grew up in Lampertheim (67) and now remains in Grenoble (38), where he graduated from a school of engineering in science materials. He is currently carrying out a thesis on Li-ion batteries. He was very young won by the passion of fly fishing and embarked on the adventure of the competition in 2011. He quickly became one of the best French competitors, despite his young age.

As a competitor, Pierre is a member of the Meribel Sports Club (73), section of fly fishing.

But if he fishes very regularly in reservoirs and river as a competitor, his passion brings him to the edge of the water as soon as he has a moment of free. I am fortunate to have known this sympathetic young man since his adolescence. I have seen him evolve in his technique and approach to the river or reservoir and continually seek to progress. He knows how to challenge himself and adapt effectively to all conditions, which is the brand of the greatest fishermen I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Pierre Kuntz with a shadow of the Bruche
Pierre Kuntz with a beautiful grayling of the Bruche
Pierre Kuntz with a beautiful trout fario of the Bruche
Pierre with a browntrout from the no-kill route of Muhlbach on Bruche

If his record is already impressive as a competitor (cf. infra), he also became a captain with the youth teams, demonstrating qualities of leadership of men. He has not lost his natural humility and is always willing to share an observation or technique with those who meet him on a fishing spot. If you have this chance, do not hesitate to ask him for advice. He will be happy to share any of his competitor tips with you.

His way of practicing fly fishing

  • Flyfishing beginning: 2008 (Competition in 2011)
  • Techniques Flyfishing: Dry, dry/nymph, nymph in sight, nymph with thread, streamer, wet flies, boobies
  • Preferred Flyfishing Techniques: The dry without hesitation, but “the vagaries of fishing conditions and the mood of fish” make him fishing the majority of the time with nymph.
  • Rods preferred for this technique: Maxia MX4 9 ‘ 4 silk of 3
  • Favorite reels for this technique: JMC Yoto
  • Preferred lines for this technique: Scientific anglers VPT n ° 3
  • Preferred tippet for this technique: 9 or 12 foot 5x rat tail
  • His favorite flies:
  • Dry: caddis tyed of duck with a hare collar
  • -Wet fly: Hopper
  • -Nymph: Pheasant tail, gold/silver/copper ball, with and without tag
  • -Streamer: “Pouic” Bunny, Sparkler
  • Favorite Rivers: The Bruche (67), the Dranse (74), the Aude (11)
  • Preferred reservoirs: the Stork reservoir in Seltz (67), the Landie (63), the Mouille (74), Barouchat (73)
  • Favourite fish: Brown trout and grayling. He particularly likes to be able to catch these two species in the same place
  • Best souvenirs of fly fishing: his first World Championship title in 2016 in Spain, as captain of the French youth team. On Today’s Day, France is the only team to have won the title of world champion as well as the first 3 places of the individual ranking in a world championship.
A caddis fly in duck and hare, one of Pierre Kuntz's favourite , similar as the SCL in the C.B.F. collection
Caddis in duck feather and hare
Nymph bead head, similar as the TVC-2 of the C.B.F. collection
Model of nymph of Pierre Kuntz

His palmares in competition

-Champion of France D2 Rivière 2013 -Vice-champion of France D1 River 2017 -third D1 River 2018-Third World Youth Championships Team 2012 (France) -World Young Team champion in 2016 (Spain) and 2017 (Slovenia) -Champion Senior European Team 2017 (Portugal) -Vice-Champion of individual Europe senior 2017 (Portugal) -In december 2019: world champion with the french team in Tasmanie.

Pierre Kuntz on the Bruche
Pierre in his works on the Bruche in Molsheim
Pierre Kuntz with a beautiful rainbow trout from the Bruche
Pierre with a beautiful rainbow trout on the no-kill course of the Bruche in Schirmeck

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