My last fishing session on the Rhine

the floodway canal in Plobsheim

Last fishing session on the Rhine floodway canal

Tuesday, May 12, 2020: Although I do not like its linearity or its environment, and because the end of confinement finally allowed us to go fishing, but the Bruche was soiled by a rainy day, I decided to go do a fishing session at the Rhine floodway canal. I found myself from 3 to 5 pm on the downstream part of the canal, near Plobsheim. (see photos 1 and 3). After talking with, Jean-pierre, a regular on the course, I decided to fish with a streamer because in these sunny hours there was no visible activity and the water was still a little too tinted for the sight nymph. I could observe a few brown caddisflies flying from here and there and a few small mayflies without causing any visible activity of the fish.

In two hours of fishing I had the chance to touch a dozen fishes. If I broke on a fish, for lack of concentration, and I took down 4 trouts after a few minutes of struggle, I would bring 5 with in the net. These were magnificent rainbow trout, measuring between 52 and 58 cm, spilled at the end of containment by the Federation. Very well-shaped, powerful and brawling fish who put the equipment to the test before going into the net. The trout had bitten on my CBO and WBM-2 streamers, the fact of having quickly recorded touches on the olive convinced me that it was “the right color of the day”

Two other fly fishermen met at the water’s edge had also caught beautiful trout with a streamer and it is with a lighter heart that I have finally tasted again the simple joy of holding a (big) fish at the end of a fly rod that I took the way back.

Le contre-canal de drainage du Rhin à Plobsheim
A large rainbow trout, caught with the streamer CBO
une belle truite du contre-canal du Rhin
Jean-Pierre, a other flyfiherman with the streamer too
Un jeune pêcheur au streamer
This 12 mai 2020, the rainbow trout were active

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