My last fishing session on the Rhine

The Rhine floodway-canal at Plobsheim
The floodway-canal at Plobsheim

Last fishing session on the Rhine floodway canal

Friday 30 March 2018: Despite the bad weather and the fact that I do not like its linearity or its environment, and that I had not much time for fishing that day, I decided to go for a short tour to the Rhine floodway canal. I was on Friday 30 March 2018 in the afternoon, on the downstream part of the course, near Plobsheim. (See photo 1 and 3). After chatting with a friendly young fisherman who was fishing with the streamer, I chose the technique of the nymph . The water was a little tinted and I was able to observe some brown caddis flying from there, without them causing any visible activity of the fish. It allowed me to have 2 bites, one that I missed and the second that allowed me to catch a pretty brown trout of about 32 cm. A “little” fish compared to the big Trout put up for the opening of the first category, but nonetheless a pretty fish, in great condition. The nymph, the NTO, my favorite for bad weather and cold waters without activity. 

In the absence of any activity of fish, I did not hold more than an hour, because I really have a hard time to make me happy on this channel so linear and so frequented at this time.

The Rhine drainage floodway-canal at Plobsheim
A beautiful trout from the floodway-Canal of the Rhine
Brown trout
A young fisherman fishing with the streamer
A young fisherman fishing with the streamer

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