Portrait of Jean-Louis Preisser


Alsatian Fly Fisherman

Jean-louis Preisser, master of bamboo rod building, and flyfisher master
Jean-Louis Preisser present some split bamboo rod of his confection

Jean-Louis Preisser remained in Strasbourg (67), where he was born in 1939. Modest, almost shy, he does not indulge easily, but for those who know how to put him in confidence, Jean-Louis will be an endless and invigorating source of passion for fly fishing. This passion guides him constantly in his approach to materials, rivers, nature, to his philosophy of life.

Jean-Louis was until 2005 one of the last French bamboo rod builder masters, specialist of the split bamboo. He still makes rare models of these wonderful fishing tools and has constantly perfected his most recent models (see infra photo).

His way of practicing fly fishing

Homemade Quality Equipment
  • Flyfishing beginning: 1957
  • Flyfishing techniques practiced: all techniques
  • Favorite Flyfishing Techniques: wet-fly with 3-fly train
  • Rods preferred for this technique: Split bamboo Preisser self made, 8 to 9 feet, # 5
  • Favorite reels for this technique: Artisanal (1998-J. Claude Chenavas), in Duraluminium, multiplier, with ratio 1/3; LOOP Evotec LW 4 Seven
  • Preferred lines for this technique: Devaux WF 5f, Teeny T130 with sinking tip
  • Preferred tippet for this technique: Devaux (1.50 m) + Point 20 °/° °, followed by 3 decreasing strands (70 cm) in 18, 16 and 14 °/° °
  • His flies prefered: mayfly with yellow body with Parachute as dry-fly, wet flies in soft feathers (cf. picture infra), braided body or vinyl rib for nymphs, black rabbit streamer with tungsten head.
  • Favorite Rivers: Murg, Forbach and Kinzig in Germany. Skeena and its tributaries in British Columbia in Canada.
  • Preferred reservoirs: the stork reservoir in Seltz (67)
  • Favourite Fish: All salmonids
  • Best souvenirs of Fly fishing: his meeting at the edge of the Murg, in 1996, with Reinhold Bruder, former German casting champion, who became his friend since that meeting.
The classic wet fly train of Jean-Louis Preiser

His creative anguish, which motivates him in a permanent search, and the desire to improve everything he touches, makes him also an extraordinary fly-tyer and an outstanding fisherman. Nourished by all his encounters and knowledge, he readily shares his experiences. You will no longer meet him in British Columbia, where he loved to hunt down steelhead trout and coho salmon. Jean-Louis now essentially fishes the Rhine aera. You may have the chance to meet him in Alsace (Stork Reservoir) or in Germany (Murg, Kinzig).

Jean Louis Preiser in British Columbia with a beautiful coho salmon
Jean Louis Preisser with a salmon coho (silver) in British Columbia

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