Fishing in an arm of Rhine near Gerstheim

The Schollengiessen near Gerstheim (67)

Thursday 28 February 2019: On a beautiful sunny but windy day, I went with my friend Lionel to visit an arm of the Rhine located near Gerstheim, well known to the Alsatian fishermen: the Schollengiessen. The place is very frequented by fishermen at the time all winter because the white fish go up in this arm less cold than the river, in the prospect of spring spawning. Indeed, if the edges are often sandy-muddy, areas of gravel persist in the main bed of this arm of the Rhine, allowing many white fish to spawn there. I have fished there often in time and still have in memory some big chub that I managed to deceive in February more than twenty years ago.

It is in this hope that we came with our light fly cane and our dry and nymph boxes, leaving out the usual equipment of the tank. Unfortunately, the effects of the strong wind and the decrease in the barometer observed before leaving after lunch were combined to wedge insects and fish.

This did not prevent us from presenting our small dry and nymphs to the banks of white fish including bleaks, roaches, chub and small aspes, as I was going to realize the first fish caught: A juvenile Aspe (see infra photo). Alternating small dry flies (CTC-1, RTR and TOT) and small nymphs (NFL-2 hot spot version, MCA-1, GMS-1, LAC-3) we managed to deceive some of these fish at sight, chub and keep, unfortunately no big subject. A single beautiful chub, a specimen of about one pound, came observe my little CTC-1, before denying it a disdainful look. And Lionel picked up another nice specimen.

We really enjoyed these 2 hours of fishing in a spring sweetness, while reviving with the sensations of a fine whip.

A little Aspe
A juvenile aspe who took a little nymph
Fishing in the Schollengiessen, an arm of the Rhine in Alsace
Lionel behind the bridge pile
A little chub
A small chub who was caught in a nymph
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